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The unique creations of Spotted Antelope Designs are handmade by Navajo artists Adam and Rita Teller, utilizing the finest sterling silver and genuine traditional and contemporary stones. We also specialize in custom designs and repair work on Navajo jewelry in various styles. The Teller family continues fine silversmithing in the traditional way, with a history that dates back 200 years to the 1790's. This work remembers Grandmothers and Grandfathers who have empowered the Canyon residents with a wealth of talent and pride in the Beauty Way.

Antelope House Tours invites you on a journey into the Gem of the Southwest. Experience Canyon de Chelly's breathtaking wonders - soaring sandstone walls, natural wildlife and beauty, precious orchards of fruit and cornfields. You may see Navajo sheepherders tending to their flocks in the flow of the southwestern sun. Enjoy the company of canyon residents, whose ancestors originally settled Canyon de Chelly hundreds of years ago.

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